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Our Patients Describe Chiropractic

We asked our awesomely educated patients how they would describe chiropractic to a friend or family member with the following questions:

  1. How Chiropractic and the Nervous System work and what that has to do with health.
  2. A description of your Experience and Benefits you’ve received.
  3. How Chiropractic ties into your Wellness Lifestyle.

Yours in Health and Chiropractic,

Dr. Donna Little

Chiropractic helps open your spine and you nervous system’s pathways so you can be at your best! It allows the body to function as it is designed and intended to do, and allows it to heal itself.

I’ve had greater energy and wellness and much less pain, so I am able to live better, and use that energy and wellness to create even more! I have a chronic illness that could have otherwise stopped me in my tracks, and with chiropractic’s help I’m not going to let it!

I’ve been able to walk more and do more, and have been improving both my mental and physical wellness. Plus, Dr. Little and her staff are dedicated individuals who really care about what they do, the support they give and the changes they help bring about Kitsilano Chiropractic has helped change my life.

Bo H.

I would explain how chiropractic goes beyond just a simple adjustment – it is connected to our nervous system and the ways our body balances itself.

It wasn’t until receiving two adjustments a week, mostly concentrated on my upper back and shoulders, that my hip loosened up and not only that, I feel different, more level if that makes sense, where I can isolate and utilize my body. Thank you Dr. Little!

Katie M.

Chiropractic fixes what’s broken – even when something you didn’t even know it was broken! After a few visits you will realize how ‘out of line’ you really were.

Any pain you did have you will notice it subside. Be patient though, it doesn’t happen overnight. Just like this pain didn’t just begin overnight.

Other extra perks – I actually don’t remember the last time I had a cold.

Candice R.

Chiropractic care allows your nervous system to retain its optimum health.

Chiropractic care prevents me from getting common colds and the flu, aids me to function throughout the work week; it also puts me in a good mood!

Being regularly adjusted in my go-to for wellness and well being.

Justin M.

Chiropractic care adjusts you body and over time, trains it to act differently. Pain and tender spots go away and you feel freer to move better. Chiropractic is also good if you are feeling sick or have a cold. It helps your sinuses to be blocked.

I have had adjustments to my neck, back and knee. Dr. Little is very thorough and tries her best to deal with the PROBLEM and not just treat the SYMPTOMS.

Cora C.

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